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Welcome to my, your House, welcome to the World of "electronic music for everything else", where we play Progressive EDM at any time, at any moment, anywhere, welcome to NOT FOR PARTY!

 Please browse around and follow MPSoup at any Social Media Sites listed below, we always reach You back, You are the source of energy that feed this Site and MPSoup.


MPSoup Event Series for WMC 2014 

I Want to Start with a Big THANKS!!! for Helping to build a better Movement,

and keeping the WMC fire going. 

This is Our Yearly opportunity to test drive, exhibit and expose worldwide, Our Passion and Love for what we do best: productions, performances, international connections, new friends, musical communion, new memories, and provide our events with "The Show".

I wish All your Professional Dreams are become a Reality, because mine are!!

                                                       I owe You All for that.

Please Find Me at these Events during WMC 2014:

FRIDAY 21 MPSoup Welcomes WMC 2014 at Maxine's
FRIDAY 21 MPSoup @ Tino's WMC Opening Event at Maxine's

SATURDAY 22 @ "The Voice of Ultra" Damian Pinto's WMC at Red Bar

SUNDAY 23 MPSoup's Private Pool Party (Undisclosed Location)
SUNDAY 23 @ RHINO CUBES WMC 2014 at Fung Ku

MONDAY 24 @ BPM Records WMC by Pascal Casimir at The Chesterfield

TUESDAY 25 @ After Dark Radio Live from WMC 2014 by NSM at Fung Ku

WEDNESDAY 26 MPSoup's Private Pool Party (Undisclosed Location)
WEDNESDAY 26 @ We Live Here by Device Ratt at Fung Ku
WEDNESDAY 26 @ RoShamBo WMC 2014 at Whitelaw

THURSDAY 27 @ NSM Only by NO SLEEP MAFIA at Chelsea Hotel

FRIDAY 28 @ Back and Melting by WeYes-MeYes at Chelsea Hotel

SATURDAY 29 @ SOL REPUBLIC WMC Event 2014 at The Catalina
SATURDAY 29 @ Musify Your Soul 2014 by Tomaz Hernandez at Whitelaw

SUNDAY 30 MPSoup's WMC 2014 Closeout Party at Fung Ku
SUNDAY 30 @ It's a Wrap by Pascal Casimir at Fung Ku

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